26 Jan


You are not easy to fill out.  Stop pretending to be.

And who has their 2008 tax returns done by January 1, 2009?  Or even January 26, because who remembers to fill out their FAFSA on January 1 when he or she is on vacation in Hawaii and deathly ill with the devil’s plague that doesn’t respond to equally lethal antibiotics?



PS– Saltwater does cure everything.

PPS– Go Huskies!  And welcome, Sun, to Seattle.  I believe you two have met before, but it may have been so long you’ve forgotten.

All right, so this is kind of an all-purpose letter.  It’s MONDAY and I’m trying to fill out the FAFSA and it’s SUNNY outside.  And now I’m thinking about HAWAII.  And how my throat hurt last night but it doesn’t today so does that mean I’m not getting sick?  Is it because of all the hope and change?


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