dear frickin’ lol cats

1 Dec

dear frickin’ lol cats,lol cat

i hate you, i really do.   but every two months someone sends me one and i think it’s funny.  i laugh out loud at my computer, whether i’m alone or not (and i don’t know which is worse).

i can’t even figure out what your actual thingamajigger is called– lolcats? i can has cheezburger? people seem to call you either/or.  and sometimes people don’t know you by the other?  oh, hell, you are CATS on the INTERWEBS with POOR SPELLING. 

i’m a dog person, and i like spelling.  i do not like rando things on the internet like thousands of youtube videos of public proposals gone horribly wrong (ahem, e) or dogs riding skateboards (yes, you) or even the neighbor’s kid doing hand dancing (ok, pretty awesome).



ps– in honor of lol cats, i thought about misspelling everything in this letter.  i could not do it.  but i didn’t use capitals!  except for the all capitals.  for emphasis.


One Response to “dear frickin’ lol cats”

  1. skhor 2 December 2008 at 10:59 am #

    hahahaha. i’m tempted to forward you every lolcats item i can find.

    but i won’t.

    because i love you.

    oh yeah, and i value my life.


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