Dear Children

20 Nov

Dear Children,

Child Two cried because she didn’t want to learn her poesie.  The picture had ducks; the poem was in French; I don’t speak French.  Child One yelled about how easy it is to learn poesies.  Child Three cried for Mama, then Papa, then Dora.  I was somewhere down, well, ok, not on the list.

One wouldn’t eat his broccoli, Two wouldn’t eat her chicken.  Three wouldn’t touch the couscous.  Two threw her shoe at the wall, One yelled at Two, Three was very snuggly.  One wouldn’t go upstairs, Two wouldn’t sit on the stairs, Three fell down the stairs.  I counted One, Two, Three, I counted Four, Five, and Six, I counted One Minute, Two Minutes, Three Minutes, I read One Story, Two Story, Three Story, Four, I ignored Five Pinches and Six Yells and Seven I-Want-Mores.

Then we tucked in Eight Bunnies, Nine Dora Little Stars, Ten Toes, at Eleven Past Bedtime.

I only said, “I’m not going to say it again” three times, and “I’m not negotiating” twice!  I only ignored two tantrums and one refusal to go past the fifth stair.  I only mispronounced five french words, let one entire backpack (two homework assignments, thirty spelling words) go out the door with Mama, gave up on giving 3 baths, and burned one lasagna.

We’ll go another round another day.

Good night,



One Response to “Dear Children”

  1. skhor 20 November 2008 at 11:03 pm #


    i can’t wait for you to have some of your own.

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