Dear High-Fives

9 Nov

Dear High-Fives,

Oh, high-fives, you are so satisfying.  A solid smack, a meeting of hands, the briefest moment of connection.  When I was little, you were everywhere: on the sports field (a weak congratulations, you beat me or hey, I beat you, always followed by where’s my juice box?), on the playground, after dinner, when I shared, when I learned to use the potty…

The way-to-be, the nice-going, the hey-how’s-it-going, the all-riiiight, the what’s-up-for-tonight, the you-sure-made-me-look-twice, the let’s-get-into-the-fight, the wink-with-a-high-five…

Oh high-fives, leaping as I swing my hand, you energize and praise me, you make my nose wrinkle as I try to line up right, you help me through awkward times, you punctuate my excitement.  And when there is that awesome slap at the height of our arms, reaching towards one another with such flight, oh high-fives, how I delight in you!

Did you think I had forgotten you?  I will always carry you in the palm of my hand.

Welcome back, except you were never gone, because you are timeless,



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