Dear Halloween

31 Oct

Dear Halloween,

There are great band names out there. Like looking through today’s paper I found The Panda Conspiracy and Pig Heart Transplant and Velella Velella. And the Beatles.  A random query to a friend turned up Montessori Kids Love Sparkles and from her husband, Sexy Tooth. There are great names for other things, too, but I started this letter thinking of the band named Husbands Love Your Wives.  Every band name I come up with either sucks (Albacore Choir– actually, that’s not as bad as it could be) or is completely plagiarized (albeit with my own twist): Parents Watch Your Children On Halloween Because It’s Dark Out And They Are Wearing Dark Costumes And Not Paying Attention Because They Are Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh On Sugar And The Street Lights Seem Dimmer Than Usual And It Is Always Raining.

The other name I came up with tonight is The Spot I Spit-Shined:  inspiration here! (It’s worth it.)

I hope somebody is That Moment for Halloween.  She could carry around a baby doll and when people ask who she is, schluuuuuup.




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